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Watching. A movie on A&E. I get 8 minutes of movie, then 15 commercials packed into a 6 minute block followed by 8 more minutes of movie. What's the fucking point? I almost forget what movie in watching during each commercial block.
added 08/30/2014 23:25:17
Well guess what! The cops arrested the little brat that drove the van through our fence! And recovered the van! (we had to take the van back, which we didn't want in the first place tho, it's crap.) The kid had ditched in the woods at the end of a pig trail a few miles out of town. But they nailed the kid in conjunction with another vehicle theft. So maybe he'll stay in jail a little while...we're hoping!
f__k me! You have to be kidding me!
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The 'grumpy bitch' photo. I don;t think she looks grumpy? Looks more like she's askin "Why they video taping us?"
40 days ago
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--Following up on German police firing only 85 bullets in all of 2011.--On the Bonus Show: Interview debriefing,city bans texting while walking, American Airlines unlimited pass canceled, more.The Dav…
54 days ago
Got the new dashcam installed. Pretty cool stuff. Can review videos on tablet or phone right in the truck. The cam is WiFi capable. Very good HD night images. Check the bikes that go by about halfway …
54 days ago
Faster than Light -- Warp Drive -- Is it possible to travel faster than light? NASA's Advanced Propulsion Lead, Dr. Harold White, has modified a previously unsuccessful FTL model called the Alcubbierr…
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