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about 16 hours ago
I have made a few changes to the underlying code. Might be a good idea to clear the cache in your browsers. You don't need to delete your cookies....
Ok, not that this is important in the slightest, but I just flipped through the JulyTowTimes magazine and about fell over...pg 65 features a shot of the Las Vegas tow show floor with me an' the Badger front and center. (Shawn would be the annoyed guy in the tank top, and I'm the grumpy bitch staring at the camera.) At least I can prove we were there if my tax guy questions the travel expenses!

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Why is it that only those people with zero money want to buy a towing company?
added 07/21/2014 23:22:07
i'm back
Preferred is now friend with scottk1974
added 07/21/2014 10:09:31
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The 'grumpy bitch' photo. I don;t think she looks grumpy? Looks more like she's askin "Why they video taping us?"
17 hours ago
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stupid design
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Company went out of business sold off the trucks I was hired to move them
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